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Local Services

Full Set-Up

Strings not included but may be available

Fixed Bridge Guitar (Electric or Acoustic 6 string): $80

Tremolo/Vibrato Bridge Guitar: $85-$95

Bass (Electric or Acoustic 4 string): $75

($10 per additional string)


Included in a full set-up:

  • Fully inspect guitar for fret buzz, rattling, protruding fret ends, nut issues, loose parts.

  • Test wiring, inspect and clean components if necessary

  • Adjust pickups for optimal height and equal output (please let me know if you would like the pickup heights left as-is)

  • Tighten and lubricate hardware as necessary

  • Truss Rod Adjustment

  • Fret polish (not included on lacquered or maple fretboards)

  • Fretboard conditioning (lemon oil on dark fretboards)

  • String change/stretch

  • Bridge height adjustment + Saddle radius adjustment

  • Minor Nut adjustment (to fit a larger gauge, you will only be charged for slot depth calibration if it’s necessary!)

  • Intonation adjustment (Not included on Acoustic setups)

  • Tremolo Adjustment (if applicable)

  • Body/neck finish cleaning


Troubleshooting/Minimal Repairs - $25 and up

Input Jack Replacement - $25 + parts

Potentiometer Replacement (push/pull available) - $35 + parts (add $20 for feed through f hole bodies, $30 per additional pot, $20 extra for most push/pull mods)

Switch Replacement  - $40 and up + parts ($30+ per additional switch)

Pickup replacement - $50 per pickup, $70 for two, $80 for three. (in the same guitar, basic wiring)

Complete Rewire - Shop Rate ($85/hr - 1 hour minimum) + parts

Other Services

(Full set up not required with the following)

Strap Button/Lock install or hole Repair - $20 for basic $45 for dowel and redrill

Fretboard crack fill - $50+ (restring required, partial refret may be required for extreme cases)

Protruding fret end fix - $40+ (some small finish touchup may also be required) (restring required)

(Full set up required with the following)

Nut adjustment - $15-$35

New Pre-slotted Nut
- $50 + parts

New Custom Hand Slotted Nut - Shop Rate ($85/hr - 1 hour min) + Parts

Bolt-on Neck Angle Shim - $30-50

Guitar Deep Clean - Shop Rate ($85/hr)

Tuner Replacement- Shop Rate ($85/hr) + Parts

Electric Guitar/Bass Bridge Replacement - Shop Rate ($85/hr) + Parts

Headstock break repair - Shop Rate ($75/hr - 2 hour minimum)

Complete Fret level including seating inspection, level, crown, end dressing and polish - $160-$200

Complete Refret - $360-$560

Partial Fretwork - Shop Rate ($85/hr)